Tuesday, 25 October 2011

{Claire & Dominic} And So They Lived Happily Ever After... Amberley Castle, West Sussex

Most girls dream of a perfect fairytale wedding, and for the beautiful Claire her dreams came true when she married her prince charming (wearing an amazing velvet bow tie FYI) at the idyllic Amberley Castle in Sussex.

Romantic English country castle setting, dusky pink roses, white doves, live jazz singer, secret gardens... oh and probably the cutest flower girl and page boy there ever was. I just know this pair are going to live happily ever after <3

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Colour is the colourscheme: Katie & Phil's Eclectic Cambridge Wedding

Quite simply, I love this wedding for its uniqueness, individuality- and utter gorgeousness! 
 Bride in charcoal grey & steel blue, Groom in french navy & floral
9 bridesmaids, all different dresses & wild flower bouquets. 

Exchanging of 1 wedding ring, 1 wedding badge - handmade by Les at The Hairy Growler Jewellery Co. from recycled silver with the Bride's own design - the soundwave form of 'I Love You' with pixels entwining it! *swoon* www.hairygrowler.co.uk/
Blue Mustang, Cambridge pubs, Leopard print boots, Hand-made prettiness, and a Magician.. Fabulous!

The exchanging of rings... and badges!
The 3 Horseshoes, Madingley was the venue for the evening Reception, decorated beautiful with personal, hand-made details.
 The Magician shocks the wedding guests