Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Colour is the colourscheme: Katie & Phil's Eclectic Cambridge Wedding

Quite simply, I love this wedding for its uniqueness, individuality- and utter gorgeousness! 
 Bride in charcoal grey & steel blue, Groom in french navy & floral
9 bridesmaids, all different dresses & wild flower bouquets. 

Exchanging of 1 wedding ring, 1 wedding badge - handmade by Les at The Hairy Growler Jewellery Co. from recycled silver with the Bride's own design - the soundwave form of 'I Love You' with pixels entwining it! *swoon* www.hairygrowler.co.uk/
Blue Mustang, Cambridge pubs, Leopard print boots, Hand-made prettiness, and a Magician.. Fabulous!

The exchanging of rings... and badges!
The 3 Horseshoes, Madingley was the venue for the evening Reception, decorated beautiful with personal, hand-made details.
 The Magician shocks the wedding guests

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